Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well, we finally made our move as of the 20th of this month. That was a big deal just getting here. But I feel like when the troops landed at Normandy on D-day, getting here is just the beginning, now the real work begins. So we've got a nice 4 bedroom house and are getting all the utilities up and running. Next, we'll see about getting the kids enrolled in school. Once that's done, I'm going back to work!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


My wife is gone and I'm getting ready to move so I'm packing and doing some housecleaning. After tidying up my room I decided to do one of my kids' rooms as he is gone on an excursion today with friends. While performing my Mr. Mom duties, I came across a particular situation that required attention and soon found myself frustrated and formulating the words to a short poem that I will post below for your entertainment and sympathy.

Beneath the Bed

Oh, I really cannot comprehend
The quantity of junk
That lives and lurks in darkness there
Beneath my dear sons bunk.

It looks as though a hurricane
Got lost along the way
And blew the contents of his room
Beneath his bed to stay.

I cleaned in here just yesterday!
I said in disbelief.
So where's all this stuff coming from?
My voice all filled with grief.

Perhaps the space is magnitized?
A black hole? or even worse
Triangle of Bermuda? Lord!
The space is somehow cursed!

So here's to parents everywhere
Please tell me what to do
Help me to solve this mystery
Before it gets you too!