Friday, January 29, 2010

The Wide Mouth Toad

New animation.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Be Yourself animation

Be Yourself animation was just posted on The Family Media Channel. Many thanks to Andrew Vee who redid the song and did a great job of finalizing this.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'll Shine animatic

This was the animatic I did prior to producing the final I'll Shine animation. Thought some might be interested in seeing a bit of the process of doing an animation. It really helps to do one of these so you can see how things will basically look in real time.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My sore arm

Yeah, that's right, my arm is sore. To be more specific, my right arm, the one I draw with. After our move in September I had to work on getting a desk, chair, etc., so that I would be comfortable while I work. I know that having things ergonometrically right is important. Well, I got everything I needed but, after awhile my right arm was getting sore. I was trying to figure out what was different in my new setup and the only thing I could figure out was that I didn't have a pullout tray for my keyboard and mouse/tablet.

So I found one at Ikea for $10--believe me, that is the best deal out there! Everything else was more expensive and some too complicated for my needs. So I picked one up and brought it home. To install it, all you had to do was screw it into the underside of your desk with 4 screws. My BIG mistake was using the only tool I currently own, my Leatherman (foldable pliers with foldout accessories). By the time I bored the 4 holes and cranked those screws into that tough pressboard, my right arm was what got screwed the most!

I could hardly lift my arm to drink my coffee. It was painful to shave. I thought, "Woah, if I mess up my drawing arm I am totally out of business!" I did some research on RSI and looked up treatments and exercises, etc. But the best thing was applying some cold compresses that I picked up at the pharmacy. That, and giving my arm a break from the computer for the weekend.

Now it seems to be pretty much back to normal, but I'm really gonna watch it from now on--take more breaks, exercise and take daily walks, etc. I'm just very thankful that it's doing so well so soon. I'd also like to ask for everyone's prayers at this time that I can fully recover and won't make the same mistake again. I'm a slow learner :-D