Saturday, August 28, 2010

Construction Crew animation

Just finished it yesterday. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Wow! This animation is incredible. It's very funny and the song is so catchy. I've got a question:

    To make the head turn in 1:53, how did you make all the mouth positions in all the face angles?

    Sorry for my English.

  2. I had done the head turn using only about 3 positions and it was kind of choppy. I saw this example ( which looked quite smooth. Half a rotation, 180°, required 8 exposures. So I made 8 individual positions.

  3. Yes, but did you drew all the mouth position in all the face positions(only visibles)?
    If yes: How did you make it?

  4. Yes. Since the original art is vector and all the parts are separate objects and editable, I just adjusted each part accordingly until I had all 8 positions.

  5. Thank you for the info. It's very difficult, but it mades easy the part of animation. :)

  6. I have another question...
    If i create a peg with my character(front view), How can I swap it with my 3/4 view?
    Can I place all the views in the same layer's exposhure sheet?
    If yes, how can I lip-sync a view?

  7. Alvaro, Perhaps it would be better to sort out all these questions via email. You can write me at zeb(a) Thanks!