Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toon Boom contest

Well, I entered a contest today after working on an animation to submit. It took me four days to put together from concept, storyboard, designs and animation. Of course it's only 25 seconds long--that was part of the rules. My main motivation for entering is to possibly win a free copy of Toon Boom's higher end software Animate Pro worth about $1500. After the judges go through the entries, 10-20 will be up for public voting, starting November 18th. My entry is entitled "Green Gas." Not so catchy but if you see it you'll understand why. Anyways, please pray that I win as I think it'll be a help having this software.


  1. will do! let us know if we can vote...

  2. For sure, sweetheart! I'll be sure to let everyone I know how and where to vote :-)