Monday, August 1, 2011

We moved!

We moved houses last week. Whew! Am I glad that's over! For the past year my dear wife has been driving back and forth to college every day which took over two hours to do the round trip. We wanted to move closer and before the kid's school year began but the contract on our old house was for the end of September. So we took a step of faith and told the realtor we were going to move before the end of July. I mean, all we had to do was find a new house for us and renters for the old house for the month of August. Not so hard, right?

Well, it turned out to be miracles along the way. We found a great house 15 minutes away from college and some new renters will be moving into the old house by August 10th. Our new place is smaller but brand new inside, easier to clean, better insulated, new AC, etc. We really like it!

I got my office setup and am ready to roll on new animations, book illustrations and maybe even an internet video series. Who knows what will happen next?