Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Prince and the Magical Power

I just noticed my illustrations for the Prince and the Magical Power are online. Take a look!


  1. I love this style Zeb, great work!! I was wondering if you could share your experiences working as a freelancer. Maybe give us some tips and expectations for someone just trying to go the Freelance route. If you have time in the future that is;)

  2. Thanks, Alex! Tips on being a freelancer? I wish I knew some--ha! I found this site to be helpful: lhttp://www.chewingpencils.com/top-ten-tips-for-becoming-a-professional-cartoonist/. Tom Richmond of Mad magazine has lots of good tips on his blog at: http://www.tomrichmond.com/blog/. Other than that its just join a lot of forums so you have more exposure and take whatever jobs you can to get your stuff out there and become known. That, and lost of prayer!