Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zebtoonz DVDs

Well, I went and did it! I compiled some of my animations together on two half hour DVDs and got some copies made. These are for distribution at film festivals that a friend of mine will be hosting over the coming weeks. The first one has my three Parables and all six Tiny Bible Treasures. Volume two is stuff like Wide Mouth Toad, Little Pebble, Construction Crew. They look very nice.

I often wondered what I was gonna do with my animations. People would ask me and I'd say, "Um, I dunno! I'm just learning and having fun!" Since then it has become part of my regular freelance work and has led to some exciting possibilities. If I had it my way, I'd quit cartooning and just be animating.


  1. Thanks, Michael! Hey, I just saw your latest work on your Vimeo channel. Terrific stuff! I've downloaded them and am trying to figure out how you did all you did for them.